Sociology Minor

Sociology is the systematic study of human social behavior, particularly the social dynamics of large organizations, communities, institutions, and cultures. The minor in Sociology at Nevada State College gives students an opportunity to study issues such as the growth of the U.S. welfare system, immigration policies, gender issues, racial and ethnic identity, and changing ideas about deviance, all of which complement other disciplines at NSC while providing a unique perspective.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses (18 credits)

Introduction (3 credits)

SOC 101Principles of Sociology


Sociology Core (6 credits)

Pick two of the following courses:
SOC 441Social Inequality


SOC 453Gender and Society


SOC 471Racial and Ethnic Relations in America


Electives (9 credits)

At least three credits must be upper division
Any course with a SOC prefix

WMST 101 can also be taken as part of the elective credit