Human Health Sciences B.S.

Mission Statement

The Human Health Sciences degree is a unique undergraduate degree enabling students to understand human health as a complex biological, cultural, psychological and social dynamic. The flexibility of this degree prepares students for careers and graduate programs in the health and medical fields. Furthermore, the degree prepares and equips students to enter one of the nation’s fastest-growing job sectors with an abundance of opportunities for gainful employment.

The recommended courses for this degree blends general education core courses, courses in physical sciences, health sciences, leadership, communication, behavior and allows open electives to include courses in social medicine, nutrition and medical ethics.  


Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop a strong foundation in the basic sciences
  2. Develop competencies in healthcare skills and knowledge
  3. Create a foundation in ethical behavior in healthcare and culturally sensitive health services
  4. Enhance understanding of diverse populations in health care
  5. Exposure to interdisciplinary and inter-professional collaboration
  6. Improve leadership skills
  7. Gain effective oral and written communication
  8. Become adept in the use of technology including data informatics