Deaf Studies B.A.

Mission Statement

Through the study of American Sign Language (ASL), Deaf culture, and interpreting, students in the BA in Deaf Studies program learn to improve intercultural communication and bridge cultural divides, ultimately reducing inequality and strengthening our community. The core of this degree provides a strong overview of Deaf studies, while specialized tracks provide students with additional training in interpreting or education.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate in ASL at an advanced level
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of Deaf culture and Deaf history
  • Interpret between ASL and spoken English at a beginning level
  • Explain the dynamics of social inequality and the importance of improving intercultural communication.


Recommended Schedule

A recommended course sequence for Deaf Studies B.A. is provided for students as guidance to complete their major in four years.

College Core Curriculum (31-45)

English (3-8 credits)

Refer to the English section of the Core Curriculum

Study and Technology Skills (0-3 credits)

Refer to the Study and Technology Skills section of the Core Curriculum

Mathematics (3-5 credits)

Refer to the Mathematics section of the Core Curriculum

Natural Sciences (7-8 credits)

Refer to the Natural Sciences section of the Core Curriculum

Social Sciences (3 credits)

Refer to the Social Sciences section of the Core Curriculum

Fine Arts (3 credits)

Refer to the Fine Arts section of the Core Curriculum

Humanities (6 credits)

AM 145American Sign Language I


AM 146American Sign Language II


Note: AM 140 may be taken to fulfill the Humanities.

Constitution (3-6 credits)

Refer to the Constitution section of the Core Curriculum

Cultural Diversity (3 credits)

Refer to the Cultural Diversity section of the Core Curriculum

Major Requirements (45 Credits)

Foundations (11 Credits)

AM 147American Sign Language III


AM 148American Sign Language IV


AM 149American Sign Language V


AM 160Fingerspelling, Numbers, and Glossing


Note: AM 141 may be used to satisfy AM 147 and AM 148.

Deaf Culture (12 Credits)

AM 253Deaf Culture


AM 254Deaf History


AM 400Topics in Deaf Studies


AM 410ASL Storytelling, Literature, and Folklore


ASL Interpreting (10 Credits)

AM 205Introduction to Interpreting


AM 305Intermediate Interpreting


AM 320Professional Issues in Interpreting


Advanced ASL (9 Credits)

AM 300Advanced ASL Conversation


AM 390ASL Structure


AM 490Advanced Topics in ASL


Cultural Context (3 Credits)

Please select one course from the following:
AM 411Inequality, Deafness, and the Law


COM 412Intercultural Communication


PSY 468Psychology of Inequality


SOC 441Social Inequality


General Electives (30-44 Credits)

Complete general elective credits to bring total overall credits to 120.

Upper-Division Electives (18 Credits)

Complete 18 credits in any 300+ level course not already required in the degree.

Summary of Credit Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Studies

 College Core Curriculum
 Major Requirements
 Electives (at least 18 credits must be Upper Division)
 Total Credits