President's Welcome

2024 Dr. Pollard HeadshotWelcome to Nevada State University. It's as fulfilling to write those words as it is to welcome you here.

Now home to over 7,600 students, it remains clear to me that Nevada State is a special place. It is full of dedicated faculty and staff, students with grit and determination, and graduates who continue to build the dream of our special university that was realized just over twenty years ago. I know that you will find being a Scorpion as inspiring and gratifying as I do.

We are proud that our students represent the new majority in higher education. The new majority are not just nontraditional students, they are first-generation students, adult learners, veterans, students of color, dreamers, immigrants, as well as anyone looking for the opportunity to find their way out of poverty. These are the new majority, the students we are honored to serve, and we welcome you in joining us.

In my view, Nevada State University is not just a special place, but it also has a special purpose. Our purpose is to expand the new majority’s participation in higher education–while at the same time, working to increase income mobility and wealth for all Nevadans. That is why we are not shy about naming the new majority and why we worked so hard to become Nevada’s first State University.

From my first days at Nevada State, I have repeatedly stated that I came here to lead with intention; to provide a vision based on the input of our whole community, to advocate for our students and team members, and to represent our unique leadership role in the state.

I will continue my effort to remain an informed and engaged leader for our school and the communities we serve. I will continue to fight to advance our cause. And I will continue to build a University that produces graduates that solve the challenges our communities face, showcase our many strengths, and build capacity for our critical systems throughout the state.

You are just beginning your journey with Nevada State University, and it will not be long until you join our nearly 7,000 alumni. We are pleased to welcome you into our proud tradition, a tradition that asks all of you to Be bold, Be great, and always Be State.

DeRionne Pollard