Leadership Minor

The 18-Credit Minor in Leadership provides an interdisciplinary approach to helping students develop the skills they need to organize teams and solve complex problems. Students in this program will study leadership principles, proven leadership practices, and the ways in which leadership can be used to inspire positive social change. 

The Minor in Leadership supports our mission of fostering “the promise of a stronger community, and a better future for Nevada,” by empowering our students to become leaders in their fields, with the ability to coordinate all the steps needed to enact positive change.

Students who complete the 18-credit Minor in Leadership can

  • Explain existing leadership principles and apply them to real-world challenges;
  • Explain the importance of civic engagement and develop strategies to encourage social change;
  • Lead a team through the development of a project and empower them to solve complex problems;
  • Utilize communication strategies to encourage collaboration and inspire a shared vision.  


Minor Requirements

Required Courses (18 credits)

Leadership Core (3 credits)

LDE 201Introduction to Leadership


Leadership Electives (15 credits)

Choose five courses from the following:
LDE 210Leadership and Community Engagement


LDE 215Digital Collaboration and Social Change


LDE 360Leadership in Groups and Teams


LDE 365Project Leadership


LDE 370Innovation and Creative Problem Solving


LDE 373Women in Leadership


LDE 499Special Topics in Leadership


PHIL 311Professional Ethics