Core Curriculum Learning Outcomes

Nevada State College has established an assessment program that identifies the three core curriculum learning outcomes students are expected to achieve. The outcomes are Critical Thinking, Effective Citizenship and Communication as describe below:

Communication Outcomes

Level 1: Clarity

  • State position orally and in written form
  • Include the main idea(s) and purpose
  • Write multiple drafts

Level 2: Structure

  • Develop a structured argument
  • Substantiate argument with supporting research
  • Establish clear transitions between introduction, ideas, and conclusion
  • Make revisions

Level 3: Tone and Audience

  • Adopt appropriate voice, tone, and level of formality for intended audience
  • Ensure unity, clarity, and coherence in paragraphs
  • Anticipate counter-arguments
  • Accept and profit from criticism

Level 4: Persuasion

  • Employ emotional and rational persuasion
  • Incorporate a variety of technologies
  • Explore novel means of presentation
  • Understand the social impact of communication
  • Critique own work

Critical Thinking Outcomes

Level 1: Self-Awareness

  • Discover own personal perspective
  • Ask pertinent questions
  • Understand the difference between facts and opinions
  • Evaluate own personal perspective

Level 2: Comprehension

  • Accurately summarize information
  • Identify central points in an argument
  • Explore other perspectives
  • Draw conclusions from inferences

Level 3: Analysis

  • Evaluate the source, context, and credibility of information
  • Defend against logical fallacies
  • Address other perspectives
  • Develop rational arguments

Level 4: Application

  • Articulate problems clearly
  • Use reason and evidence to generate multiple possible solutions
  • Evaluate the quality of solutions
  • Implement the best solution(s)

Effective Citizenship Outcomes

Level 1: Social Responsibility

  • Recognize your cultural values, assumptions and knowledge
  • Demonstrate socially responsible behavior

Level 2: Community Involvement

  • Become involved in community concerns
  • Learn through community involvement and service

Level 3: Political Literacy

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the problems and practices of democracy
  • Understand the influences and implications of diversity

Level 4: Apply Citizenship Skills and Knowledge