School of Education


Mission Statement

The mission of Nevada State College School of Education is to prepare highly qualified, culturally responsive professionals. We accomplish this through effective pedagogy, state of the art technology, clinical experiences, scholarly inquiry, and community partnerships. Our graduates will be critical thinkers who contribute to a global, democratic society.

The faculty of the School of Education adheres to the NSC iTEACH Core Values:

  • Innovation: We are visionaries and risk-takers.
  • Teaching Excellence: We are a collaborative team, educational advocates, scholars and leaders who put students first.
  • Economic Development: We are educational recruiters, community partners and fundraisers.
  • Assessment: We are researchers who incorporate professional standards and best practices in our courses and who continually reflect and assess our programs.
  • Customer Service: We are advisors and mentors to the community; and
  • Heritage: We are committed to diversity, equitable practices and social justice.

Vision Statement

Teacher education and speech pathology candidates will demonstrate knowledge and skills of the profession inherent in the various discipline areas represented. Authentic experiences that emphasize the connection between content and pedagogy are essential to student’s learning. The diversity of SOE candidates will reflect the changing and dynamic populations found across the state, nation, and world. Candidates will effectively integrate a variety of technologies that are both inclusive of best practice and support information gathering and communication with a variety of individuals and groups globally. Our practice will be informed by contemporary research and continuous assessment which actively involves internal and external stakeholders local and worldwide. Students and faculty will be connected with peers across the nation and in other countries to enrich their cultural and educational knowledge and bolster their respect for human differences and similarities. Students will participate in multiple opportunities to connect with families and individuals from various cultural, ethnic, academic, geographic, and professional backgrounds to enrich their own knowledge and experience. Candidates will successfully incorporate evidence-based practice, critically analyze information and resources, and creatively integrate the arts into their instructional practice. Our Northern Nevada satellite will be at the forefront of effectively using technology to develop innovative ways to meet the unique needs of those residing in rural areas.

School of Education Outcomes

Upon graduation students will attain proficiency in the following areas:

Intellectual Curiosity and Critical Thinking

Candidates will demonstrate individual pursuits of professionally relevant interests while using reasoned and reflective thinking.

Evidence-Based Practitioners

Candidates will use EBP in their professional roles.

Family and Community Engagement

Candidate will be able to apply skills that build strong relationships between school and families/communities.

Ethical Practice

Candidates will conduct themselves with professional integrity and high ethical standards.

Educational Technology

Candidates will use contemporary technology to enhance instruction, learning, and communication.


Candidate will apply skills that demonstrate their understanding of the complex dimension of diversity.