SPA 441 Clinical Practicum

Formal application and acceptance. This seminar and practicum provides students with a means to organize and manage a school-based speech-language therapy caseload. Students will learn to write reports, schedule students on their caseload, determine eligibility, work with school teams, etc. The on-site practicum will prepare students in speech-language pathology to plan for and provide appropriate speech and language therapy to children in a school setting while receiving the necessary support during the weekly seminars. Students will conduct assessments and evaluate student performance in a variety of speech and language areas. They will be expected to write lessons plans and Individual Education Programs (IEPs). They will participate in IEP meetings for initial placements and annual reviews for students with speech-language impairments and for students with other disabilities. Gradually, they will assume supervised responsibility of the students assigned to the master clinician’s caseload. The practicum is full-day for a duration of 16 weeks. Pre-requisite(s): Admission to the Speech Pathology program. Passing score on the Praxis CORE and Subject Assessments. Course Fee: $250

Lecture/ Lab/ Studio Hours: 10+0+0