EDSC 321 Secondary Pedagogy I

In this course, prospective teachers’ understanding of and abilities in effective instructional planning and techniques will be developed. Emphasis is placed on instructional strategies for secondary students, lesson planning development to include writing learning objectives and learning how to align learning objectives with standards.  Students will engage in lesson implementation, critiquing lessons, and unit planning. They will teach several practice lessons in class and receive feedback from peers and the instructor as they learn to be reflective practitioners. Formative and summative assessment practices as they relate to progress monitoring and instructional changes and differentiation for diverse populations will be explored.  Students will learn effective ways to communicate with parents about their child’s progress.  The use of educational technology will be highlighted throughout the course. Field Experience hours required. Pre-requisite(s): EDU 250 (Pre-requisite(s) do not apply to ARL and Post-Baccalaureate students)