Course Information and Course Abbreviations

Course Information

Course Numbers

099 or lower courses
Lower Division:
100-299 level courses
Upper Division:
300-499 level courses
Graduate and Professional:
500-799 level courses

Advance Course Approvals, Pre-requisites, and Attendance Requirements

You must obtain advisor approval and, as required, satisfy the course and/or test score placement prerequisite for registration to be valid when you pay fees. Each department is authorized to cancel the registration of any student who does not:
  • Satisfy the course or test score placement prerequisites,
  • Attend class during the first week of class,
  • Obtain permission to attend more than one section of a class,
  • Pay fees by the due date.


3+0, 3+3, etc. show the number of 50-minute class periods of lecture (or recitation or discussion) plus the total number of periods of laboratory (or workshop) per week. The number of class periods is not necessarily the same as the number of times the class meets. Thus 3+0 means the course meets for three lecture periods per week and does not have any laboratory periods. Likewise, 3+3 means the course meets for three periods of lecture and three periods of laboratory per week.

1, 2, etc. credits, indicate the number of credits the course carries each semester.

S/U means the course is graded Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory only

Course Abbreviations

NURS - Nursing

SPA - Speech Pathology

SPP - School Psychology Program