ETS 375 US Latino/a-Chicano/a Experience

This interdisciplinary course will provide students with a basic understanding of U.S. Latina/o-Chicana/o history and experience. Of particular interest will be questions of identity formation especially in relationship to the rapidly growing population of U.S. born Chicanos/as, the largest minority group in the United States, and immigrant Latinas/os. We will explore the challenges faced by U.S. Latinos/as-Chicanos/as who continue to struggle for first-class citizenship and equality under conditions of social and institutional discrimination. In addition, we will read significant literary works that focus on the issues related to the Latino/a-Chicano/a experience. The major themes to be discussed are: borderlands, linguistic alienation, assimilation, acculturation, bilingualism, and cultural identity. Satisfies Cultural Diversity Core Curriculum. Prerequisite(s): ENG 102

Lecture/ Lab/ Studio Hours: 3+0+0