BIOL 189L Fundamentals of Life Science Lab

The Biology 189 Lab section is intended to compliment the Biol 189 Lecture class and to introduce students to the skills and techniques which they will be using in both an academic and occupational lab setting. The goal of this lab section is to have students become familiar with best lab practices and safe, ethical behavior in a laboratory setting, while also collecting data in an accurate and scientifically rigorous manner. Students will experience lab activities which encompass the breadth of content covered in the lecture portion of Biology 189 in an interactive and hands-on manner. Teamwork and individual initiative will be required from each participate in order to successfully complete this lab section. Satisfies the Natural Sciences Core Curriculum. Co-requisite: BIOL 189A. Recommended: MATH 120 or higher. Course fee of $35 Lecture / Lab / Studio Hours: 0+3+0