President's Welcome

Welcome to Nevada State College, now home to over 5,000 students. Much like yourself, our College is bursting with growth and opportunity. We strive to create an inclusive, engaged, and caring campus to help you achieve at the highest level.

We are dedicated to providing a quality and affordable education, regardless of background, for success in the real world. Nevada State College's mission also includes advancing our students' social, cultural, and economic impact to the benefit of all of Nevada.

As always, student success remains our number one priority. We are able to do this through our dedicated faculty and staff who are accomplished scholars, teachers, and mentors from across the country. They are our difference makers on campus and strive to create an innovative and personalized learning environment.

You can also expect our faculty and staff to be approachable. They will work with you to offer the support, guidance, and resources to help you reach your full potential. Additionally, Nevada State College offers an immense number of student support services including tutoring, a full-service writing center, academic advising, and much more.

Getting to know and interact with our students is my favorite part of being president at aspect of my position at #NevadaState. I encourage you to stop by my office and say “hi,” join me for a hike up Mount Scorpion, and follow me on social media: Twitter (@NSCPatterson), Facebook (, and Instagram (@bartpat1).

I look forward to seeing you walk across the stage at your future commencement ceremony!


Be bold. Be great. Be State.


Bart Patterson