Returning Students, Non-Degree Applicants, & Dual Credit Admissions

 Returning Students

  1. Students who have attended Nevada State College previously but have not been enrolled in two consecutive semesters (excluding summer term) must reapply for admission as a returning student.

  2. The student must complete the online application and submit official copies of transcripts if the student attended other postsecondary institutions while absent from Nevada State.

Non-Degree Applicants

Students interested in attending Nevada State College with the purpose of not obtaining a degree or credential may apply for admission by completing the online application form and selecting the non-degree option.

  1. Non-degree students are prohibited from taking more than 15 credits per semester.

  2. No more than 32 credit hours taken as a non-degree student may transfer toward a degree should a student apply for degree-seeking status.

  3. Non-degree seeking students may not become degree seeking in the semester of non-degree status. Students must reapply as a degree-seeking student by completing an online application and submitting all necessary application materials for a degree-seeking student.

Dual Credit Admissions (High School and Nevada State College)

Nevada State College may enter into partnerships with Nevada High Schools to offer dual credit programs. These programs allow students in partnering high schools to earn college-level credit.

High School Students who meet the required prerequisites in partnering institutions will have access to dual credit courses that are:

  1. Of a quality and depth to qualify for college credit as determined by NSC;
  2.  Evaluated and approved through NSC's curriculum approval process;
  3. Transferable to college or university under the Nevada System of Higher Education; and
  4. Be compliant with all other standards for college courses.
A student enrolled in dual credit shall be admitted to NSC for college-level credit under current procedures for admissions of students to NSC if the student has achieved the following conditions:
  1. A cumulative high school grade point average of 3.25;
  2. SAT (New) scores of at least 1090; or equivalent PSAT schore; or,
  3. A composite score of twenty-one (21) or more on the American College Test (ACT), or equivalent Pre-ACT score.
The high school may petition for an exception to this admittance policy on a case-by-case basis.