Admissions Review Committee

  1. The Admission Review Committee is responsible for reviewing applicants that did not meet the minimum requirements for admission to Nevada State College. The committee is comprised of six members including the chairperson of the committee. Each committee member is appointed by the Director of Admissions and Recruitment for a period of two years. The members represent the college holistically and represents the following areas:
      1. Enrollment Services,
      2. Admissions & Recruitment,
      3. Advising, and
      4. Faculty
  2. At least three members must make an admission decision (to conditionally admit or deny the student) before a final decision is made.
  3. The Committee will evaluate the students level of academic preparedness for college and readiness to be a student and determine their eligibility based on these factors.
  4. The Committee may admit students as full admits, conditional admits, or deny admission. The Chairperson will notify the student of the Committee's decision.