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Refund Policy

TITLE 4 - Codification of Board Policy Statements - CHAPTER 17

Section 15. Refund Policy

1. Each institution shall establish procedures governing the refund of registration fees, nonresident tuition, and other student fees, including special course fees that shall be approved by the Board and published in the institution's course catalog or on its website. These provisions must include a schedule of dates for refunds and the corresponding percentages that may be refunded.

2. Upon presentation of documentation and approval of the institution, a refund of registration fees and nonresident tuition may be given upon official withdrawal from a course(s) at any time during the semester in the following circumstances:

a. Deployment of a student in the United States Armed Forces;

b. Death or incapacitation resulting from an illness or injury of the student or spouse, child, parent, or legal guardian of the student that prevents the student from returning to school for the remainder of the semester;

c. Verifiable error on the part of the institution;

d. Involuntary job transfer outside the service area of the institution as documented by employer; or

e. Other exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the institution or the student.

3. Each institution may establish procedures for students making even exchanges of credits and dollars in their registrations that do not affect the net credit load.

4. Each institution shall comply with the refund policies required under Title IV of the Higher education Act of 1965 as amended in 1998 federal financial aid requirements and guidelines.

5. For the purpose of providing educational benefits for veterans, NSHE institutions shall comply with the refund and other applicable policies as required under Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21.

(B/R 3/11)
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