Policies and Procedures

NSC Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity


It is the mission of the Office of Human Resources to ensure Nevada State College's compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to non-discrimination and affirmative action. HR creates, monitors, and distributes NSC's annual Affirmative Action Plan and implements innovative programs to increase NSC's awareness of and commitment to diversity, equity, and affirmative action in the workplace.

We are dedicated to preventing illegal discrimination and illegal harassment, and fostering a postive and productive work environment. Through educational programs, investigations and resolution of complaints, and oversight activities, HR contributes to an environment and culture that supports all members of the community. However, it is through all of our actions and commitments that a culture of inclusion will be sustained.


  • Diversity is not always seen by the eyes, but it can be understood by the heart.
  • Diversity is not defined exclusively by race or gender. It extends to age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, veteran's status, physical and mental ability, and national origin or ancestry.
  • Diversity among faculty, staff, and students contributes to the richness of the College community and offers NSC an opportunity to realize its excellence.
  • Diversity is fostered by a culture that respects individual differences and where everyone is treated in a simple and decent manner with dignity and respect.
  • Freedom of expression is a fundamental and integral component within an institution of higher education, which needs to be exercised within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, and respect.
  • Affirmative action is one method of including historically under-represented populations into the workforce. As such, NSC is committed to the principles and ideals of affirmative action, including an appreciation of a diverse workforce in which members are able to succeed according to their abilities.
  • Affirmative action does not require, nor does it mean, quotas or preferential treatment of unqualified individuals over those who are qualified.


  • Enhance diversity in its broadest sense throughout the workforce in part by applying affirmative action principles in the NSC's recruitment and selection processes.
  • Promote equal opportunity and equitable and non-discriminatory treatment for all campus community members in all aspects of employment and education through the development and implementation of effective complaint and investigative procedures and through ongoing monitoring of employment practices.
  • Through education, training and rapid response to complaints, facilitate and nurture a community that is free from illegal harassment and actions.
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