Policies and Procedures

NSHE Police and Security Forces

TITLE 4 - Codification of Board Policy Statements - CHAPTER 1

Section 12. NSHE Police and Security Forces

1. Mission
The mission of NSHE police and security forces shall be 1) to provide for the safety and security of students, employees, and guests on each campus, 2) to protect NSHE property, 3) to create an atmosphere of respect, friendliness, and community on the campus, and 4) to provide the most efficient, extensive security for each campus within the resources available.

2. Control, Authority and Reporting
The control and authority over all NSHE police departments resides with the Board of Regents. The Board of Regents entrusts the chancellor and, through the chancellor, the presidents, with the direct oversight and management of police departments and contracted security firms at individual institutions within the limits set by NSHE policy.

3. External Contracts
Contracts between NSHE institutions and private security firms must describe the exact duties and responsibilities of the security firms' employees, including the obligation to communicate problems and disturbances to campus administrators in addition to their own supervisors, and to local police when necessary. The contract should refer to Board of Regents' policies. Any contract for services by a private security firm must be
reviewed by NSHE legal counsel and approved by the chancellor. Such contracts may not exceed the authority granted to the president under NSHE policy.

4. Interlocal Agreements
a. In accordance with NRS 396.325, each NSHE campus shall enter into an interlocal agreement with the appropriate municipal police department to define the territorial limits and jurisdiction of campus peace officers and private security firms. Where needed or requested, each NSHE police department shall provide mutual aid, assistance and expertise to municipal police departments.
b. NSHE peace officers may be authorized to enroll as reserve officers of the Reno, Sparks, or Las Vegas Metropolitan police for the purpose of acting on matters concerning NSHE related business. The NSHE shall provide a "hold harmless" agreement to the sponsoring jurisdiction.

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