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Early Admissions and Enrollment Policy for Secondary Students

TITLE 4 - Codification of Board Policy Statements - CHAPTER 16

Section 8. Early Admissions and Enrollment Policy for Secondary Students

1. High school juniors and seniors may be admitted and may enroll in a NSHE college or university, subject to the approval of appropriate institution officials.

2. High school juniors and seniors identified as Vocational Program Completers may be admitted and enroll in three or more credits per semester, based on written, articulated program agreements with designated school districts. For these juniors and seniors only, college credit may also be given for career and technical courses previously completed in the freshman or sophomore year of high school.

3. Students below the high school equivalent of junior level who are identified as academically gifted or talented by the school district and recommended by the high school principal will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for enrollment status in credit courses. Otherwise, high school students below the junior level may enroll for zero credits in Community Services courses only.

4. High school students who have been officially excused from compulsory school attendance on the condition of equivalent instruction outside the school (e.g., home school) may be admitted and may enroll if, on a case-by-case basis, it is determined that the student is:

a.) Equivalent to a high school junior or senior and receives approval from the appropriate institution official; or

b.) Equivalent to a level below a high school junior and is identified by the institution as academically gifted or talented.

5. Each college or university may establish performance or testing standards to determine readiness for enrollment or admission when other criteria for admission or enrollment are not met.

6 An NSHE institution may, on a limited basis, admit students who have been identified as possessing the abilities and skills necessary for advanced academic work in an alternative program of education for profoundly gifted and talented students that may include degree or non-degree options without reference to the credit limitations established elsewhere in Chapter 16. (B/R 6/09)