Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Governing Documents 

Umbrella policies that provide the framework and guiding principles under which the administration is responsible for implementation of, and compliance with, the intent of Board of Regents policy.

NSC Bylaws
The Bylaws provide for the basic organizational structure, personnel policies and personnel administrative procedures for Nevada State College.

Faculty Senate
Serving as the voice of Faculty at NSC, the Faculty Senate shapes policy and procedure concerning the issues of primary and fundamental responsibilities of the Faculty.

Academics and Research
Policies relating to academics, libraries, and research.

Human Resources
Policies relating to your working relationship with the College for all employee groups.

Finance and Business
Policies relating to administration, accounting, budgeting, procurement, travel, and other financial functions.

Policies relating to management of College-owned or operated structures.

Information and Technology
Policies relating to communication and technological infrastructure.

Student Policies
Policies relating to student life including registration, records, student conduct, and student organizations.