2016-2017 Catalog

Resources, Services and Referrals

Nevada State College recognizes that transition into college is exciting, challenging, and, at times, over- whelming. Students who are coming to Nevada State straight from high school have to adjust to the differing expectations and culture of the college. At the same time, these students are undergoing the transition from dependence to independence, forming their identities as young adults, and meeting many new people. Returning adults must also undergo challenging transitions to meet the demands and rigors of college study. Many returning adult students are juggling family, career, caring for older parents, and school. Nevada State College is committed to helping students succeed by offering a variety of resources and services to assist with the academic, social, or personal issues that may arise, including those listed below.

Academic Advising

The AAC provides advising services to support current student success at NSC in the following majors:

  1. Liberal Arts and Sciences majors

  2. All Pre-major (i.e. undecided, pre-nursing, pre-education)

  3. RN to BSN students (pre-admission and current students)

All other majors, please refer to note below.

Advisors inform students about NSC major and minor programs, experiential learning opportunities and campus resources. Advisors help students to better understand NSC's academic policies, degree requirements, and their progress toward graduation. The AAC works in close collaboration with faculty advisors and other departments to provide a quality advising experience for every student.

Academic advisors support new student success. First term students at NSC attend a new student orientation where they will meet academic advisors and faculty, learn about their college & their major of choice, explore campus resource, and register for their first term classes. The AAC offers onsite advising at all CSN campus location: Henderson, Charleston, and Cheyenne to assist future transfer students with their academic questions and transition into NSC.

Advisors provide services for students experiencing academic difficulty such as academic warning, probation, and suspension. Please reference NSC's academic standing policies in the catalog for further information. Advisors are also notified by faculty under the Early Alert system on students who are recommended to seek assistance from other student support services. Students are urged to consult with their advisor prior to registration for assistance with registration issues and course selection questions. For students who have not yet decided on a major, the AAC provides major exploration and guidance.

Advising appointments are available Monday-Friday. Students can schedule appointment online at nsc.mywconline.com


The following students will be advised by the School of Education:

  •  All students admitted into the degree program in Education (i.e. Elementary Education, Secondary Education, STEP UP).
  •  Special non-degree students for SOE (i.e. TESL 401, Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL), Autism, Endorsement, and Secondary Education)
  •  Special Post-Baccalaureate programs (i.e. Speech Pathology, Elementary Education, Special Education, and Secondary Education)

The following students will be advised by the School of Nursing:

  •  All students admitted in one of the two(2) pre-licensure tracks (i.e. Regular or Part-Time)


Barnes & Noble College is proud to partner with Nevada State College to manage and operate the campus bookstore. Nevada State students will enjoy a campus bookstore that reflects the Nevada State College brand, including a wide selection of school spirit apparel, other technology gadgets, as well as gifts for alumni, friends and family. Course materials will be offered in variety of options including rental, digital, used and new formats, ensuring students have access to the options and formats that best suit their needs.

In addition, the new campus bookstore will have an online presence with the addition of the bookstore’s new website (www.nsc.bncollege.com). Now, students will have the ability to order textbooks and school merchandise both in-store and online. The bookstore will also establish a strong social media presence on Facebook that reflects local events and promotions for students, faculty and the local community.

Faculty will also have access to a groundbreaking online community, FacultyEnlight (www.facultyenlight.com), the new streamlined textbook adoption platform that combines advanced search capabilities with detailed information on course materials formats, pricing and reviews by other faculty.

Visit the Nevada State College Bookstore at 1300 Nevada State Dr., Rogers Student Center, Henderson, NV, 89002 or online at nsc.bncollege.com. For more information, please contact the bookstore at 702-992-2340.

Career Services Center (CSC @ NSC)

The Nevada State College Career Services Center serves our students and alumni by providing the opportunities and tools they need to identify career goals and move forward towards their chosen degree field and professional career.

Career Services encourages students to begin their career development and utilize our services during their first year of enrollment and to continue on until graduation. Once students graduate and become Alumni, they can continue to utilize all of our services and are encouraged to become career mentors and industry professionals at career-focused workshops and events. We also encourage Alumni who are within recruitment positions to become one of our many community partners who hire NSC students or offer internship opportunities for academic credit.

Finally, the NSC Career Services Center opens doors for our students and Alumni by networking within the community and encourages employers to offer opportunities via internship and job opportunities.

Here are a few highlights of services we offer:

  • MBTI Certified Personality Preference Testing to assist with declaration of majors and career planning
  • Career exploration to discover the variety of choices within the chosen field and to uncover and plan ahead of what is needed to obtain that goal
  • Academic planning and discussion (in conjunction with Academic Advising) to determine what is needed to obtain the chosen career field
  • Resume and cover letter writing assistance, training and review
  • Interview, preparation, including one-on-one mock interviewing session and access to virtual mock interviewing within the Nevada Career Information System
  • Graduate school exploration and advising in conjunction with faculty mentors and the Student Academic Center
  • Access to the Nevada Career Information System and Nevada JobConnect to utilize their online job seeker self-service and library of materials and resources
  • Referral program with Nevada Partners, one of our community partners, to provide tools and resources to those in need for the ability to get back to work
  • Referral program with Dress for Success of Southern Nevada, one of our community partners, to provide clothing resources to those in need for the ability to attend scheduled interviews and begin working receiving the professional attire needed.




Computing Resources

Nevada State College's Office of Information & Technology Services (ITS) supports a number of computer labs and open workstations that provide computing resources to all enrolled students.

Liberal Arts & Sciences - 1300 Nevada State Dr.., Henderson, NV 89002
  • LAS-126: 5 Windows based workstations
  • LAS-129: 10 Windows based workstations

Roger Student Center - 1300 Nevada State Dr., Henderson, NV 89002

  • RSC-205 (Library): 16 Windows based workstation

All workstations provide access to the Internet, Microsoft Office, and NSC online resources such as the NSC Portal and WebCampus. Additonally, all NSC facilities offer wireless connectivity.

In addition to on-campus resources, student can access all NSC online resources through the NSC Portal (http://my.nsc.edu). This one location provides access to campus announcements, news, printing, library research databases, personal network files, WebCampus, and Student Center which includes online registration, payments, financial aid, and much more.

Additionally,from your Android or Apple iOS device, NSC offers a free mobile app with access to news, events, campus directories, and maps. The app also provides access to add/drop classes, view final grades, check account balances, review financial aid, search for open classes, and much more. Download the NSC Mobile app by searching for it in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

For information on accessing NSC workstations, the NSC Portal, NSC Mobile App, WebCampus, or other technology services available to students, please contact the NSC Support Center at (702) 992-2400, submit a request online at http://nsc.edu/mynsc/support, or visit our website at http://nsc.edu/infotech.

Disability Resource Center

(Resource Center for Students with Disabilities) 

At Nevada State College, we recognize our responsibility to assure full access to all facilities, classes, and activities for students with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The staff of the Resource Center for Students with Disabilities (RCSD) reviews the disability-related needs of students to determine whether accommodations or support services are necessary to facilitate that access. Our mission is to create an accessible university community where disability is a "neutral" and students with disabilities can realize their full potential. We work with students, faculty, and staff to promote students' independence and to ensure assessment of their abilities, not disabilities.

Students who have documented disabilities that may require accommodation should contact the Resource Center for Students with Disabilities in Rogers Student Center, Room 123, by calling (702) 992-2180 or through email at NSC.RCSD@nsc.edu.  

Marydean Martin Library

Library Collection

The Marydean Martin Library is the first cloud-based library in Nevada. The Library provides immediate access to 1.4 million e-books. If these 1.4 million e-books were physical volumes, they would:

  1. Completely fill the James E. and Beverly Rogers Student Center and the Nursing, Science, and Education Building.
  2. Stretch from the Las Vegas Strip to Hoover Dam at the Arizona border.

The Library also provides expedited access to almost 2 million print volumes through our partner libraries in Southern Nevada.

Student Assistance

The Library offers phone and online chat assistance from Monday - Friday, from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Librarians are also available to meet with students to provide assistance with their research assignments.

Study Rooms

The Library provides sixteen group student rooms for student use.

Technology Lending

The Library lends the following technology:

  • Chromebooks
  • Kindle Paperwhites
  • Kindle Fires
  • Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses
  • iPads
  • Portable charges
  • Headphones and headsets

Student Life

Information about Student Government and Clubs is available through the Nevada State Student Alliance. Their office is located in the Rogers Student Center and can be contacted by calling (702) 992-2190. You can also contact our Dean of Students, Dr. Richard Yao, at (702) 992-2632, or via email (Richard.Yao@nsc.edu).

Nevada State Student Alliance (NSSA)

Your Student Government

The Nevada State Student Alliance is the official student voice for the Nevada State College student body. NSSA advocates for student rights, enhances student life on campus, and works to link student life with the academic mission of the college.

NSSA provides a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Participating in one of the programs is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and learn outside of the classroom. NSSA has something for everyone.

Becoming a Senator

If you are interested in becoming a senator or getting involved with NSSA, contact the NSSA office at 702-992-2190 or via email at nssa@nsc.edu. You can also contact our Dean of Students, Dr. Richard Yao, at (702) 992-2632 or via email (Richard.Yao@nsc.edu).

NSSA Boards

  • Clubs & Organizations Board: Assists in establishing new clubs and student organizations and develops a forum to address student organizations concerns.
  • Programming Board: Plans student activities including welcome week activities, social events for the campus community and family members, and finals week study break programs.
  • Budget and Finance Board: Develops a budget and keep records of expenditures and revenues.
  • Public Relations Board: Develops a forum to address students, schools, and/or community concerns and oversees any public relations projects.
  • Capital Improvement Board: Plans projects that will better Nevada State Student Alliance and the Nevada State College community.

Student Clubs & Organizations

Nevada State College has a variety of student clubs and organizations to offer students. For a complete listing, please contact the NSSA Office or by reviewing the NSSA website (http://nsc.edu/campus-life/student-government-nssa/index.aspx). If you do not see a student organization or club that you are interested in, you can contact NSSA about starting a new club. Generally speaking, you will need at least five interested student participants and a faculty/staff advisor to begin the recognition process. Seed money for clubs and organizations is provided by NSSA.

Contact NSSA

Office is located in the Rogers Student Center, room 138.

Phone: 702.992.2190

Website: http://www.nsc.edu/campus-life/student-government-nssa/index.aspx

Fax: 702.992.9101

E-mail: NSSA@nsc.edu 


New and Transfer Students Orientation Programs

Orientation programs at Nevada State College (NSC) consist of resourceful information for both new and transfer students to help ensure a smooth transition into higher education at NSC.

New Student Orientation

This program is required for all first-year college students and is held on multiple dates leading up to a new semester. Orientation has been designed to introduce new students to the NSC campus, their academic program and requirement, financial aid, and academic success resources. It also allows new students to meet other new and current students and most importantly register for their first semester. Attendance is required for new students prior to registration for the first semester courses. To attend on-campus orientation, students must first submit official test scores and complete the online per-orientation.

Transfer Orientation

In order to meet the needs of transfer students, an online orientation or a meeting with an academic advisor is offered to this student population. For more information on Orientation Programs at Nevada State College, please click here.

Academic Success Center

Tutorial Services

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is dedicated to academic success and support through services such as individual tutoring, group tutoring, workshops, Supplemental Instruction, the Course Assistant Program, tools for student success, and academic counseling. The mission of the Academic Success Center is to provide academic guidance through peer-to-peer support, enhanced learning skills, and an atmosphere conducive to the learning process. The ASC assists in a variety of subject areas including American Sign Language, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, Business, Technology, and Psychology. Students seeking assistance may meet with our tutors through one-one appointments, group study sessions, or drop-in tutoring sessions. The ASC has also partnered with www.Smarthinking.com which offers online tutoring 24/7. Students may contact the Academic Success Center at (702) 992-2990 or stop in to our office to set up an appointment.

The ASC is located next to the Library in the Rogers Student Center.