2016-2017 Catalog

Administration and Faculty

Nevada System of Higher Education

John V. White, Chancellor

Crystal Abba, Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs

Dr. Constance Brooks, Vice Chancellor for Government & Community Affairs

Dean J. Gould, Chief of Staff and Special Counsel to the Board Regents

Brooke A. Nielsen, Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs

Vic Redding, Vice Chancellor for Finance

Dr. Marcia Turner, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, Health Sciences System

Frank R. Woodbeck, Executive Director, Nevada College Collaborative

Steven Zink, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

Board of Regents

Rick Trachok, Chairman

Michael B. Wixom, Vice Chairman

Dr. Andrea Anderson

Cedar Crear

Robert Davidson

Mark W. Doubrava

Jason Geddes, Ph.D.

Trevor Hayes

James Dean Leavitt

Sam Lieberman

Kevin C. Melcher

Kevin J. Page

Allison Stephens


Patterson, Bart, President , J.D. - 1987, Duke University School of Law; B.S. – 1984, Utah State University

Executive Faculty

Butler, Kevin, Vice President Finance and Business Operations, M.B.A - 1998, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona; B.S. - 1987, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Cresiski, Robin, Interim Provost, Ph.D.-2007, Yale University; M.Phil.-2004, Yale University; B.S.-2001, Haverford College 

Fernandez, Edith, Associate Vice President Community Engagement and Diversity Initiatives, Ph. D. - 2006, University of Michigan; M.P.A. - 2000, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Ed. M. - 1998, Harvard University; B.A. - 1994,  University of Nevada, Reno

Kuniyuki, Andrew, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Biology, Ph.D.-1975, University of California, Berkeley; B.S.-1971, University of Hawaii

Llasus, Ludy, Associate Dean of Nursing and Assistant Professor of Nursing, Ph.D.-2011, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; M.S.N.-2001, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; B.S.N.-1991, West Visayas State University, Philippines

Potthoff, Dennis, Dean of the School of Education, Ph.D. – 1991, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; M.S. - 1986, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; B.S. - 1979, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Raker III, J. Russell, Associate Vice President for Development, Ph. D.-1972, Teachers College, Columbia University; M.A.-1964, Teachers College, Columbia University; B.A.-1963, Alderson-Broaddus College.

Rosenburg, Neal, Dean of the School of Nursing and Associate Professor of Nursing, Ph.D.-2010, University of Missouri, Saint Louis; MSN-2007, University of Missouri, Saint Louis; BSN-2005, University of Missouri, Saint Louis; Honor's B.A. French-1997, Saint Louis University

Scinta, Anthony, Vice Provost of Academic Innovation and Student Success, Ph.D. - 2004, University of California, Los Angeles; M.A.-1999, University of California, Los Angeles; B.A.-1998, State University of New York at Buffalo 

Sharp, Gwen, Associate Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Sociology, Ph.D.-2005, University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.S.-2001, University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.A.-1997, University of Oklahoma 

Thanki, Sandip, Director of Institutional Research and Associate Professor of Physical Sciences, Ph.D. – 2004, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; M.S. – 1999, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; B.S. – 1997, Widener University

Yao, Richard, Dean of Students, Ph.D. - 2009, Fielding Graduate University; M.A. -1995, Eastern Illinois University; B.A.–1993, Eastern Illinois University

Full-Time Faculty

Adams, Cathy, Nursing Lecturer, M.N. – 2005, Washington State University; B.S.N. – 1998, Lewis-Clark State College

Ballif, Serge, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Ph.D.-2012, The Pennsylvania State University; M.S.-2007, Utah State University; B.S.-2004, Utah State University

Benson, Wendi, Assistant Professor of Business, Ph. D. – 2013, Washington State University, Vancouver; M.S. – 2010, Washington State University, Vancouver; B.A. – 2008; Ohio University, Chillicothe

Bieser, Kayla, Assistant Professor of Biology, Ph.D. - 2013, University of Alabama at Birmingham; M.S. - 2007, Purdue University; B.A. - 2004, University of St. Thomas

Bonnell, Susan, Associate Professor of Nursing, Ph.D.-2010, University of San Diego; MSN-2002, University of San Diego; BSN-2001, University of San Diego 

Brautbar, Shirli, Associate Professor of History, Ph.D.-2005, University of Southern California; M.A.-1997, University of Chicago; B.A.-1995, Carnegie Mellon University

Bryans-Bongey, Sarah, Assistant Professor of Educational Technology, Ed.D.-2012, University of Minnesota; M.Ed.-2001, The College of St. Scholastica; B.A.-2000, The College of St. Scholastica; B.S-1978, Syracuse University

Buck, Paul, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Ph.D.-1990, University of Washington; M.A.-1983, University of Washington; B.A.- 1978, California State University, Chico

Call, Pamela, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N. – 2011, Touro University, Nevada; B.A. – 1989, University of California, Santa Cruz; Diploma RN – 1985, Los Angeles County Hospital

Coffman, Sherrilyn, Professor of Nursing, Ph.D.-1988, Indiana University; M.S.N.-1971, Indiana University; B.S.N.-1968, Indiana University

Cross, Chad, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Ph.D. - 1998, Old Dominion University; MS - 2003, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, MS - 1997, Old Dominion University; BS - 1994, Purdue University, BS - 1993, Purdue University

Davis, Adam, Assistant Professor of Visual and Digital Media, Ph.D. – 2012, Southern Illinois University; M.F.A. – 2004, Chapman University; B.A. – 2000, University of Utah

Decker, Laura, Lecturer of English Composition, M.F.A. - 2010, Texas State University; B.A. - 2007, Concordia University

Dunning, Jonathan P., Department Chair of Social Sciences and Business Administration and Assistant Professor of Psychology, Ph.D. – 2012, Stony Brook University; M.A. - 2008, Stony Brook University; M.S. - 2006, The University of Memphis; B.S. - 2002, The University of Georgia

Duong, Hon-Vu, Biology Senior Lecturer, M.D.-1994, Ross University; B.S.-1989, Pennsylvania State University

Durfor, Stephanie, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Ph.D. - 2015, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; M.S.N - 2002, University of Phoenix; B.S.N - 1981, California State University, Chico

Eastridge, June, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N - 2009, University of New Mexico; B.S.N - 2000, University of New Mexico

Edmonds, Jennifer,  Assistant Professor of Biology/Microbiology, Ph.D. - 2004, Arizona State University; M.S. - 1996,  University of Alabama; B.S. - 1993, Birmingham Southern College

Fernan, Cecelia, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Ed.D.-2016, Benedictine University; MSN-2015, University of Phoenix; BSN-1982, University of San Carlos, Philippines 

Gleason, Brian, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Ph.D. – 2011, The University of Georgia; M.S. – 2007, Utah State University; B.S. – 2004, Utah State University

Graziano, Kevin, Professor of Education, Ed.D.-2003, University of San Francisco; M.S.-2000, Central Connecticut State University; B.A.-1993, University of Connecticut

Green, Roxann, Interim B.S.N. Director of Nursing, M.S.N – 2009, University of Phoenix; B.S.N. – 1989, University of Texas, Arlington

Growe, Susan, Assistant Professor of Nursing, D.N.P. - 2014, Touro University, Nevada, M.S.N.-2006, B.S.N.-2004, University of Phoenix

Haff, Darlene, Lecturer of Sociology, M.P.H-2011, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Ph.D.-2003, University of Alabama at Birmingham; M.A.-2001, University of Alabama at Birmingham; B.S.-1997, Troy Stat University

Harris, Christopher, Associate Professor of Communications, Ph.D. -2010, University of Miami; M.P.S. -2004, Cornell University; B.A. -2001, Rutgers University

Hess, Bret, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N. - 2015, Grand Canyon University; B.S.N. - 2013, Nevada State College

Hignite, Lance, Assistant Professor of Law Enforcement, Ph.D. – 2007, Sam Houston State University; M.S.C.J., 1996, Texas State University; B.S. – 1993, Sam Houston State University

Howerton, Amber, Assistant Professor of Chemistry,  Ph.D. 2012, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; B.S. - 2001, University of Central Oklahoma

Jacobson, Linda, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N.-2004, St. Joseph's College, Maine, BSN-1997 Graceland College, Iowa

Kaufman, Roberta, Assistant Professor, Ed.D. – 1993. University of South Dakota; M.A. – 1987, University of South Dakota; B.A. – 1974, South Dakota State University

Kebede, Kebret, Associate Professor of Biology, M.D.-1985, Aristotle University, Medical School

Koonkongsatian, Dawn, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N.-2010, University of Phoenix; B.S.N.-2008, University of Phoenix

La Chapelle, Peter, Professor of History, Ph.D. - 2002, University of Southern California; M.A. - 1997, California State University, Bakersfield; B.A. - 1992, University of Arizona, Tucson

La Rocco, Angelo, Lecturer of Nursing, MSN-2011, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; BSN-2004, University of Nevada, Reno  

Lagarde, Laura Rosales, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Ph.D. - 2012, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; M.A.-2002, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; B.S.-1994, Monterrey Technologic Institue of Superior Studies

Laurie, John, Assistant Professor of Business - Entrepreneurship, Ph.D. - 2008, University of New Orleans; M.S. - 2002, University of New Orleans; B.A. - 1997, Flagler College

Liu, Jianing, Lecturer of English Composition, M.A. - 2009, Northern Arizona University; M.A. - 2008, Northeastern University, Liaoning, China; B.A. - 2006, Northeastern University, Liaoning, China

Marshall, Shantal, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Ph.D. – 2011, Stanford University; M.A. – 2007, Stanford University; B.A. – 2004, University of California, Los Angeles

Martinelli, Brian, Lecturer of Physical Sciences, M.S. - 2004, California State University, Northridge; B.S. - 2002, California State University, Northridge

Meyerowitz, Elizabeth, Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology, Ph.D.-2015, Northern Arizona University; M.A. – 2007, Northern Arizona University; M.A. – 1984, University of California; B.A. – 1980, University of the Pacific

Mitchell, Ted, Assistant Professor of Secondary Education, Ph.D.-2009, Michigan State University; A.B-2001, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 

Meuris, Jo,  Assistant Professor of Visual Media Production and Media Specialist, M.F.A - 2010, University of California, Los Angeles; B.F.A - 1998, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Naumann, Laura, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Ph.D. – 2009, University of California, Berkeley; M.A. – 2005, University of California, Berkeley; B.A. – 2003, The University of Texas at Austin

Navarrete, Lori, Associate Professor, Ph.D.-1992, University of New Mexico, M.S.-1985, University of New Mexico, B.S.-1984, University of New Mexico

Nerz, Jana, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N.-2009, University of Phoenix; B.S.N.-2003, Creighton University

Oliphant, Samantha, Assistant Professor of Biology, Ph.D - 2012, University of Kentucky; B.S. - 2004, Eastern Kentucky University

Pazargadi, Leila, Assistant Professor of English, Ph.D. – 2012, University of California, Los Angeles; M.A. – 2007, University of California, Los Angeles; B.A. – 2004, Occidental College

Perry, LaTricia, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N. – 2010, University of Phoenix; B.S.N. – 1996, Clarkson College, Nebraska

Peters, Abby, Assistant Professor of Business, Ph.D. - 2014, University of Texas at El Paso; M.B.A. - 2008, University of Texas at El Paso; B.S. - 2002, University of Arizona

Phillips, Jasmine, Assistant Professor of Communication, Ph.D. - 2014, University of Miami; M.A. - 2005, George Washington University; B.A. - 2000, Yale University

Reynoso, Robert, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N - 2014, Kaplan University; B.S.N - 2012, Kaplan University

Robinson, Gregory, Department Chair of Humanities and Associate Professor of English, Ph.D.-2008 University of Nevada, Las Vegas; M.L.I.S.-1999, Louisiana State University; M.A.-1996, State University of New York at Fredonia; B.A.-1994, State University of New York at Fredonia

Rudd, Lawrence, Associate Professor of Education, Ph.D.-2005, University of Arizona, M.A.-1980, University of Denver, B.A.-1975, Wittenberg University

Scano, Andra, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N - 2013, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; B.S.N - 1993, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Sigel, Bryan J., Assistant Professor of Biology, Ph.D. – 2007, Tulane University; B.S. – 1999, University of California, Los Angeles

Shearer, Joanna, Assistant Professor of English, Ph.D. – 2007, University of Florida; M.A. – 2003, University of Florida; B.A. – 2000, University of Dallas

Spence, Katherine, Nursing Lecturer, M.S.N - 2010, Walden University; B.B.A. - 2000, Cleary University; A.D.N - 1994, Washtenaw Community College

Svelmoe, Nataliya, Lecturer of Nursing, Ph.D.-1999, Lviv University, Ukraine; MSN-2011, San Francisco State University; BS-1979, Lviv University, Ukraine  

Tapia, Raul, Assistant Professor of Business-Accounting, Ph.D. - 2014, University of Texas at El Paso; M.S. - 2007, University of Texas at El Paso; B.B.A, University of Texas at El Paso

Tucker, Kathryn, Assistant Professor of English Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Center Director, Ph.D. - 2007, University of California, Los Angeles; B.A. - 2000, Occidental College

VandeHei, Amanda, Assistant Professor of Elementary Literacy, Ph.D.-2014, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; M.Ed.-2005, Lesley University; B.A.-2002, University of Wisconsin Eau-Chaire 

Wertz, Ruby, Clinical Partnership Director of Nursing, M.H.A.-1998, University of St. Francis, Illinois, B.S.N.- 1989 Bloomsburg, PA.

Willard, Regina, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Ed.D. - 2014, Walden University; M.S.N - 2006, Drexel University; B.S.N - 2003, Drexel University

Wong, Aaron, Department Chair of Physical and Life Science and Associate Professor of Mathematics, Ph.D.-2007, University of California, San Diego; M.A.-2004, University of California, San Diego; B.A./B.S.-2002, University of California, Santa Barbara

Woydziak, Zachary, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Ph.D. – 2009, University of California, Irvine; B.S. – 2004, University of Nevada, Reno.