2013-2014 Catalog

Admission to Advanced Standing (Transfer Admission)

  1. Admission with advanced undergraduate standing is granted to a student transferring from another accredited college or university provided that:
    1. The applicant is in good standing and eligible to return to the educational institution last attended.
    2. An official transcript is received by NSC showing an overall grade point average of 2.0 or above on all acceptable or transferrable credits, provided that if less than 12 acceptable transfer credits are involved freshman entrance requirements shall also be satisfied.
  2. When admitting a student, the institution may consider the student’s standing at a previously attended institution, including, but not limited to, records or disciplinary action.
  3. Individuals who have registered at other educational institutions may not disregard such records and make application on the basis of their high school or selected college transcripts. Any student is subject to cancellation of admission.
  4. An ineligible applicant who gains admission to the college on the basis of incomplete or fraudulent credentials or misrepresentations in the written application shall have their;
    1. Admission and registration cancelled without refund or any fees;
    2. Total credits rescinded that have been earned following such admission; and
    3. Future registration at the college prohibited.
  5. Transfer students who do not meet the admission standards will be reviewed by the Admissions Review Committee.